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Good News:

TutorAlley Forums move to a new web hosting server started early morning Monday August 21, 2006 has been completed as of Sunday August 27 at 4:30 am PST. The forums are again functioning (as far as we can tell) so current members can begin using the forums again.

For a number of reasons, the move was more complicated than one would have expected and it took many calls to tech support and one lucky call this morning (Sunday) when the tech support guy had time to reconfigure all of the paths and URL's then stick it out with me while we tested everything.

It was not an experience I'd like to repeat any time soon but thanks to Mike at Value Web, we have TutorAlley Forums up and running again.

I'll also update the Heads Up notice on the PixelAlley home page and leave the alternate methods of contacting me at the bottom of this page on the chance we might need them during the next week or two:

At the bottom of this page, please check the list of other forums where you can PM me if you have anything important to discuss with me in the meantime. Please use PM rather than public posts so we don't offend by posting discussions that have nothing to do with the forums' purposes.

Thanks for your patience!

Due to time constraints and to keep TutorAlley Forums focused on its original purposes, some changes have been made with regard to registration and membership. The original, and continuing, purposes of TutorAlley Forums are as follows.
  • To provide a place where Painter classes, workshops, and tutoring sessions can be taught in private forums.
  • To provide a Corel Painter focused teaching and learning center for people who:
    • Are serious about learning, using, and enjoying Painter, and participate in our forums, both private class, workshop, or tutoring session forums and general non-private forums,
    • Treat other members with courtesy and respect,
    • Abide by our General Forum Guidelines, and
    • Respect our policies regarding copyrights as outlined both in our Guidelines and at the bottom of each TutorAlley Forums page.
New Registrations:

New registrations are no longer be accepted on a "walk in" basis and are
now limited to the following, with membership in each case only after the registration is approved by the site owner, Jinny Brown:
  • Corel Painter ("Painter") class, workshop, or tutoring session students who have:
    • Completed the Enrollment and Membership Application form,
    • Submitted the class, workshop, or tutoring session fee,
    • Received an OK to register at TutorAlley Forums from the site owner, and
    • Received a notification their registration has been approved and they're free to log in.
  • On rare occasions by special invitation initiated by the site owner.
Unless you've enrolled in a class, workshop, or tutoring session, paid the fee(s), and received an OK from the site owner to register, or received a special invitation to become a member, please do not register.

Painter Classes, Workshops, and Tutoring Sessions:

If you're interested in a Painter class, workshop, or in tutoring sessions, please e-mail Jinny Brown for information.

Include a brief description of your experience with Corel Painter, the version you're using, the kind of work you want to do with Painter, and what you'd like to learn
. This will help determine whether a class, workshop, or a series of tutoring sessions will suit your needs best.

Important Note from Jinny:

As of the second week in August, 2006, after hooking up DSL, I've had an intermittent problem receiving and sending e-mail and sending to newsgroups. One ISP, two web hosting companies, the DSL provider, and tech support for my e-mail software have, to date, not been able to figure out a quick and permanent solution. Until some time consuming and complicated changes are made, I'm flying on a wing and a prayer with my e-mail and newsgroups so I hope you'll bear with me until this is resolved.

If you send me an e-mail and don't receive a response, let me know via a post or a PM at one of the following forums:

Jinny Brown

last updated August 27, 2006


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All Corel Painter screen prints on these pages are used with permission from Corel Corporation.